Katie Bird is the moniker of indie folk musician Katie Burke of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aside from her work as Katie Bird, she is also the front woman of Philadelphia indie band The Lunar Year.

Their album "Herodias" was released June 2017. The record includes single "Porcelain" which gained them a cult following, television placement and international features/radio play. Through her work as The Lunar Year, Katie has been featured in outlets such as MTV and The Michalaks. Katie Bird's record "To Find a Heart" is set to release in 2019.

"The frontwoman of the folk/rock band The Lunar Year has the kind of vocal chops that push the music into ponderous places, letting it soar and crack at just the right moments. The lyrics, too, seem to well up from somewhere deep. The new album is Herodias and it’s worth your time.

-Philadelphia Magazine

"Sombre piano chords that fade out into the atmosphere, while the vocals of Katie Burke effortlessly flow alongside. It immediately aims for the heartstrings with certain lyrics in particular sticking out as the daggers"

-SGblog, UK